Learn to Belly Dance - 3 DVD Set

Learn to Belly Dance



Product Description

In this 2-DVD set you are guided by a very talented young woman who has the exciting ability to show you – in simple to follow and copy actions – exactly how to master these intricate belly dancing moves.

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DVD 1: Beginners

Get straight into the exotic ambience of belly dancing with hip lifts, circles and twists. And discover the Lebanese and Egyptian hip shimmy – the foundation movement for the more advanced dance techniques revealed on the second DVD. Then learn the upper body movements, master graceful arms, wrist and hand movements to create an alluring glamorous performance. Learn no less than 12 sequences that combine into a beautiful, graceful performance. Each movement is slowly and clearly demonstrated – and of course – you can stop and repeat each instruction as often as you like until you are confident about performing it… a distinct advantage compared to a live class where you have to keep up with the group. In no time at all you’ll be ready to expand your repertoire incorporating the sizzling movements.

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DVD 2 – Intermediate

Your vibrant, easy to understand instructor takes you through more stimulating hip movements. Another 10 movements, including shimmies, and now your tummy becomes part of your routine – but your tummy rolls are sensuous and evocative – not just a push in and out action! Beautiful arm and hand movements round off your dancing routine into a mesmerising performance for you – and friends to enjoy. learn to belly dance

Fun For All…

Exhilarating, energising, exciting, exotic… that’s belly dancing… it is also fun. Immerse yourself in this truly exotic form of dance that anyone can do. Why not invite a few friends to join you and enjoy learning to ‘shimmy’ and ‘shake’ your hips, arms and body together and then perform in time to the evocative music. Each of these professionally produced DVD’s show you the intricacies of each individual dance movement and then your instructor demonstrates how they all flow into a vibrant performance with lively, exotic music… a performance you can follow with her. Why wait? In a few short days you too can start enjoying this wonderful, exhilarating dance style…

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The Advanced DVD from the same series – YOURS FREE!

Normally priced at £9.95 this bonus is yours at no extra charge purely because I know it will boost your enjoyment. Learn the stylish Waterfall, Tutu and dropped circle movements and enhance your performance with graceful ‘Turkish Hands’ flowing around your head and body. Amaze your friends (or your partner) with your new exotic dancing skills and bask in their admiration as they exclaim at your improved suppleness and poise.

Not Sure If Belly Dancing Is Right For You?

If you’ve never tried belly dancing before you may be wondering if it really is as easy to learn as I’ve said. Hey, I understand that! Why would you want to spend your hard earned cash on something you are a little uncertain about? You know something? I think it is completely reasonable to want to try this out… so here’s what I’ll do for you…