Box-SetLearn Ballroom Dancing

 Foxtrot   –   Tango   –   Salsa   –   Cha Cha

This 4 DVD set is designed for the absolute beginner, our collection of Ballroom and Latin American dances is the perfect introduction to the world of dancing. Use these DVDs to learn the art of Ballroom Dancing.

Whether you choose the sensual Tango, the sexy Salsa or the snappy Quickstep, each DVD will teach you the complete dance in a way which is both simple and enjoyable.

Not only will you learn the basic steps but also the various turns and associated movements used by all social dancers, allowing you to take to the floor with confidence and ease. These DVDs cover the beginner to advanced standard.

Using the simplest of terms the we make learning to dance easy by beginning with the basic step and then gradually building stage by stage.

You are in control, you learn at your own speed without embarrassment or pressure. So, you’ve been watching Strictly? …. Now you can learn to do the same.



How to Dance Foxtrot DVD

The foxtrot is the classic dance for wedding receptions and other social events and it is Elegant, beautiful, and graceful form of dance. Its slow, gliding and smooth steps make it easy to learn. It’s a great dance for beginners. Professional Dance Instructors show all the steps involved in a Foxtrot dance. You can watch and learn every single step of the dance.

This DVD will help you learn Foxtrot Dance step by step just the way you would learn it in dance class. From the first step till the last step the instructor explains all moves and actions.  The benefit you have is that you can replay the DVD as many times as you want to understand a particular step.

How Dance Tango DVD

Tango Dance is considered to be highly seductive, dramatically passionate. If you think of a romantic and sexy dance that would be Tango. Tango is a dance made for lovers. This is gives a taste of ballroom dancing. There are many steps you need to know to be a Tango dancer. In this DVD Professional Dance Instructor Hylie together with professional dancers Ryan & Lyndsie shows all the basic steps involved in a Tango dance. You can watch and learn every single step of the dance. This DVD will introduce you to Tango dancing step by step just the way you would learn in your local dance class. You and replay and watch each step until you get it right. –